iPhone 12 vs iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max! Which Should You Buy?

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    NEW iPhone 12 vs 12 Mini vs iPhone 12 Pro vs 12 Pro Max Comparison. Is iPhone 12 Pro/12 Pro Max Worth a $300 Premium? Which Should You Buy & Why.
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    iPhone 12 Pro features recap.

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    1. Azmal Ahamed

      Fun facts : we all love watching things we can't afford 😂😂

    2. Alcott Chino

      Hey man thanks a lot for this. Im a huge label reader and you just saved me a lot of research. Thanks again.

    3. Anthony Concepcion

      Just me or does he remind anyone of joe from the show “You”?

    4. Alex Vado

      All he talked about was the camera

    5. Rock girl

      I wonder why he didnt get the iPhone as few youtubers did

    6. Sumayah Kinene

      I enjoyed the video and even subscribed but l will use my usual phone l will just enjoy with my eyes l level down for this much money man here

    7. Macmac Macalanggan

      I hope u will notice me and u can give me one of ur phone. Just for my brothers online class😊. One of ur subrscriber here☺.

    8. Shayne Dixon

      It’s weird they don’t supply a charger for people switching over from android who use USB C and not lightening and then have to wait two weeks for apple to ship the charger after the phone has already arrived

      1. Rock girl


    9. Asjath Shakir


    10. T M

      I currently have the XR in the color red. I’m gonna get the 12 pro max, but what color should I get? 😃

      1. Parlo

        Colorless 😄

    11. JPS 3B

      Could anyone tell me which camera is better. The 11 Pro or the 12 mini. I want an iPhone 12 Mini, but I don’t want to go backwards with regards to the camera. Thanks in advanced 👍🏽

    12. dreii

      his future gf (or bf idk) will be lucky af

    13. Him Seyha

      iPhone 12= 11 + 5

    14. DJ Asi C - דיג'יי אסי סי

      hi ! great review ! also wanted to ask what Camera and lense do you use to film this video? thanks

    15. MG11

      If I’m a musician and a film producer which one should I get ?

      1. Parlo

        Get to the Chopper 😄

    16. Alexander Szeremeta

      EAP should speak at Apple Events on stage. Seriously. He knew about the phone months before it’s release, and knows everything about it now.

    17. Kaseem Stokes

      Child I got the 11 Pro Max n from the looks of this I’m just fine Apple tripping I won’t upgrade till this phone cut out n don’t come back on 🎯

    18. Nicholai Yrigollen

      Just got my phone today

    19. Kiwiz Playz

      Me watching with my iPhone 6s Plus I’ved had since it came out 👁👄👁

    20. masguapoako

      As Wendy;s once said "Where's the charger ?"

    21. Optimus Prime

      I got the 11 but damn . I got time to switch and only pay a little fee for the 12 should???

    22. Nick Gallegos

      When he said this iPhone was everything we hoped it would be I new I was unfortunately done here... smallest of upgrades less accessories and higher prices. Should at least call it for what it is!

    23. JetsetJoey

      EverythignApple Pro said, "Actually very happy with this release." It was everything we hoped it would be." This guy has low standards or he is lying. *** The dreaded Notch is STILL there & hasn't even shrunk! *** No Fingerprint Scanner *** They neglected to implement a 120HZ refresh rate. *** They did not put a bloody USB-C port on the phone. *** They added a LIDAR Sensor instead of another camera. I've bought almost every iPhone since the iPhone 3. HOWEVER, Apple doesn't innovate as they used to do: I AM UPGRADING MY 11 Pro MAX TO THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S20+.

    24. Ross

      Looking jacked there. Good review.

    25. AH AH

      Im getting 12 pro max....and after that im not buying any new phones for the next 10 years... (i can power it with external power bank when battery dies i suppose)

    26. bcvbb hyui

      Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos ♦️ Non-Duality

    27. Michael Beh

      So when's the leaks for the next iPhone coming out? 😂

    28. Razi Shaikh

      I waiting every time your video thank you sir

    29. Patricia Chyła-Shilvan

      Someone tell me if you can still use regural wireless charger with iPhone 12 pro max please 🙏🏼 Also will MagSafe still work through a regular silicone phone case? Thanks!

      1. bcvbb hyui

        Man I wish we could get videos more often again. I know Rebel takes a lot of time. Just feel like we rarely see you anymore and when we do it’s all news from a week ago

    30. Eyuel Yiferu

      I am born in November 19 2,007

    31. PoopyCaca

      Apple is hated on way to much. Everything apple does, it’s bad. Samsung does it before apple, nobody gives a shit.

    32. fabian never caps

      I wonder how many of you guys actually bought the Phone Rebel case 🤔

    33. Arshad Pv

      Are you delivery the rebel case in india

    34. Nandha kishore

      Everyone:purchasing iPhone 12 Me:purchasing iPhone 6

    35. Shubhashini Kumari

      Didn’t understand at all, what are the differences

    36. Gavin Colgan

      I have an XS Max. Not sure if it’s worth upgrading this year, but I also don’t really feel like waiting until next year 😕

    37. Fastline

      I tried to keep my iPhone 10 until the 13 or 14 come out. The 12 is too good. I failed 😂😂

    38. Tyonne Cobb

      Ok but did y'all see this man's arms, bout ta make me act up chile🥵🥵

    39. Hlxy Queen

      Can you compare the 11 to the 12

    40. Captain Spade

      I have heard that iphone 20 is invisible

    41. Johnny Karim

      Bro where are the iPhone 13 leaks video ?

    42. Omar Al abadi

      Please do a 12 pro vs s20 ultra

    43. TJ

      Wonder when Apple will get into the folding phone game... really would be interested to see what they come up with

    44. giantgm

      Man I wish we could get videos more often again. I know Rebel takes a lot of time. Just feel like we rarely see you anymore and when we do it’s all news from a week ago

    45. Nate lurrant NT

      When are you going to get your 12 pro

    46. Hani Gold Dubai

      Unboxing 12 pro please

    47. adnane Aftati

      2020 :no charger in box Few years later no phone in box lol

    48. Agris Vanags

      ok, enough with this crap, give us some dropdowns !!!!!

    49. Kartikeya pro1

      Still waiting on the unboxing 👀

    50. sehhi vooty

      People: What's the difference Apple: The main difference is that your wallet is going to weigh less.

    51. david ventura

      Filip? Did you die?

    52. Tolga P

      Bro I miss your unboxing :(

    53. Seags 98

      apple has had oled for 4 years now, can we get 1440p displays already? stop giving us old tech.

    54. Rick

      S20 Ultra or 12 ProMax? And why?

      1. sehhi vooty

        Uhmm hey hi can you give a iphone i really need for my online class cause my current phone is broken screen

    55. Ogbeche Felix

      Still using my IPhone X

      1. TrionNemesis 7

        I’m using X🅁

    56. Jagan Mohanty

      Where is your new video iphone 12???

    57. xo

      iPhone 13 Battery Not Included. (It’s bad for the En viron ment) Bet it happens

    58. Azaz Akram

      Watching this on iphone 7😑

      1. TrionNemesis 7

        sucks to sucks

      2. Jamal

        Same lol 😂

    59. Addison Tharpe

      I still have the 8 plus. I still love my 8 plus. My dad still has the se. he actually has two. So if people do buy these just know it’s no use...

    60. Distriqt

      Who else is waiting for him to make the unboxing vid

    61. A Channel

      Where is the unboxing and review?

    62. mister kk

      why shinny sides on the pro

    63. Razi Shaikh

      Hello sir how are you How many days Finnish you know upload new video sir, you everything good sir I waiting your new video from iPhone 12 12 pro

    64. Demond Goshea

      Where are you love your videos

    65. Danny Sullivan

      You gon see the dead yeast in my sandwich snaps 😤🔥

    66. DenisRiady

      Vape Vs USB Killer Let's see What happend

    67. Anirudh Pratap Singh

      Unbox new iPhones as soon as possible

    68. noahfrom baliwag

      Uhmm hey hi can you give a iphone i really need for my online class cause my current phone is broken screen

    69. leone rogerio

      No cases yet for iPhone 12 ?

    70. Sinaj Abdul Salam

      Man all of them did unboxing 😄 where is urs .. name by default , you should be the one who post first 😅 Apple screwing you intentionally 😐

    71. SimplyFoodByTy

      Ummm he is cute as hell

    72. Fayaz Kalariyil

      Hi sir, What happened 😕 Waiting for your i phone 12 review

    73. Holmes’s

      No braided cable with the 12 Pro!

    74. Killer Trainz

      When is the unboxing coming

    75. robnexus7

      Magsafe only charges iPhone 11 or older at 3watts very disappointed

    76. Erick Sotelo Ortiz

      I think that blue is so gorgeous

    77. i-Vern Simphonique

      Thanks for a wonderful review of the iPhones and the accessories! Very in-depth coverage indeed! I will hold on to my iPhone SE. I am rather skeptic about the magsafe function of the iPhone 12. Dropping or heating a magnet will cause it to lose its magnetism. If the user doesn’t drop the phone, that’s fine. Suppose if the user does drop the phone often, will Apple cover the cost of repair in their warranty? What if the phone gets heated over some processes? Sometimes our phones get slightly warm when certain apps or functions are used right? Making video calls will cause phones to get warm. So, won’t the magnetic strength of the Magsafe be affected? Again, will Apple cover this aspect of “wear and tear” under the warranty?

    78. Jane Kikoro

      i have ipjhone 12 pro max nnow

      1. Brendan Kiyohara

        @Salman Almataz You could of preordered it since mkbhd got it on October 20

      2. Salman Almataz

        No you don’t it has not even come out yet lol

    79. Joshua Santhumayor

      The whole of KGup iPhone 12 unboxing . EAP not worth it 😆

    80. Syed Hasnain Abbas Hamdani

      Bro where is the iPhone 12 Pro unboxing??

      1. Adam Chase

        He didn’t get a review unit from Apple

    81. Dreamy _mafia

      Hey when will a unboxing video come?

    82. Tim JC

      Great, he can start ‘leaking’ the iPhone 15s now

    83. James Timothy

      When do post a an iPhone 12 video it’s been a week since you post

    84. Bordel Mama

      I wonder why he didnt get the iPhone as few youtubers did

    85. EverythingApplePro EAP Playz Growtopia

      just kidding pros i am

    86. Muhfia

      Alot of ppl saying that its not worth upgrading since its the same every year but I have an exception since im coming from an Iphone 6 not even an S to a Iphone 12 Pro lol

      1. Gege D


    87. Dylan Fortner

      I’m so confused I’ve seen you tubers with the iPhone 12 but u don’t have it

    88. Gabrielle Elizabeth

      I always watch your videos before buying a new phone since I’m a SERIOUS dropper. I was wondering if you drop the standard iPhone 12 but with the mag safe case so we can see how protective those cases are since they have such a cool feature

    89. Aeron Geronimo

      Coming from iPhone X Silver 256gb on early 2018, It's definitely an iPhone 12 Pro Max 256gb Pacific Blue for me.

    90. shane Tucker

      I saw the title of the video and thought to myself and said none

    91. merhawi solomon

      bro do an Ipad air 4 review what is you waiting for

      1. Crazy 77

        He might have a family emergency or something. I’m sure there is a good reason why he hasn’t posted anything for a while.

    92. Farshad M

      You alright?!!! Why haven’t you posted a hands-on review yet ?

    93. Ernest Cauilan

      drop that 'drop test' video already

    94. Balzion

      Where are you? iPhone 12 unboxing and reviews?

    95. old mix

      iPhone 12 pro do Does it have real gold paint

    96. Muhammad Solid Alidi

      Iphone yang dari dulunya kece sekarang jadi bangke ? 😅kgup.info/get/gbGApXuln4mdfqU/video

    97. tameerwilliams

      Usb-c and at least 90Hz display would have been nice

    98. Hari Swargiary

      Sir, please give me one old any iPhone, I'm Indian poor person

    99. Alfredo Tenelanda

      I have the best iPhone X Max no need to update. Will wait into iPhone 14 or 15 comes out. For one ni need

    100. T G

      Such a crap phone